2 Settembre 2022

Ultra V ULTRACOL is writing a new history of the K-beauty industry, receiving attention from the world.

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(Adnkronos) – SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The beauty biomedical group ‘Ultra V’ (CEO Dr. Han Jin Kwon) has been attracting global attention about its development ‘ULTRACOL’ exported to more 58 countries including not only Asia, South America and Middle East, but also Europe. As the Korean wave is booming, Ultra V is writing a new history of the K-beauty industry by increasing its competitiveness as a global beauty brand with its high quality product portfolio. 

The world’s first certified PDO(Polydioxanone) filler ‘ULTRACOL’ was at the centre when Ultra V has been writing a new history of the K-beauty industry. 

ULTRACOL contains PDO that is registered at FDA, has a lifting effect on skin and improves elasticity by stimulating the skin to generate collagen to itself. Its exclusive patent technique had been recognized in Korea, it was awarded a prize ‘IR52 Jang Yeong Sil Prize’ as the first among the polymer fillers from the Korean government. Furthermore, its effect, biodegradability and safety have been verified from the Korean ministry of Food and Drugs Safety(KFDA) and Europe CE certification, thus there have been persistent requests from global buyers about its sole distribution, therefore Ultra V has achieved the best outcome from internal and external markets. 

Dr Kwon, Ultra V CEO, revealed that “Ultra V is currently looking for a sole distributor of ULTRACOL.” and said “Since the competitiveness of ULTRACOL has already been recognized well domestically by making a domestic sole distribution contract, the success in overseas can be convinced for sure, thus we are going to extend distribution network as well as the export volume.”. 

Meanwhile, known as the pioneer of K-beauty by receiving attention from the world, Dr. Kwon trains his medical knowledge, advanced surgical techniques and procedure to doctors by participating annually in 120 conferences and seminars on average, exerting massive influence about informing K-beauty trends. 

The pioneer of K-beauty, Dr. Kwon said “We are going to achieve innovation and efficiency to be suitable for the status of K-beauty. Ultra V is expected to reach its goal soon, and it will make innovations that have never existed before with consistent growth, and will survive from the global competitions by achieving competitiveness.” 

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