China-Europe Environment and Climate Qingdao Forum Announced at 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS)

(Adnkronos) – BEIJING, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The China-Europe Qingdao Forum on Sustainable Development and 2022 International Health and Environment Industry Development Forum, co-hosted by the International Health and Environment Industries Association (IHEIA) and Qingdao Municipal People’s Government, was successfully held on September 5, and attracted substantial attention from the governments and social communities of more than ten European countries including France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. 

At the forum, Sun Yonghong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee, Secretary of the CPC Work Committee and District Committee of Qingdao West Coast New Area, andZhu Kun, Co-Chairman of IHEIA, jointly promoted the upcoming China-Europe Environment and Climate Qingdao Forum. 

Mr. Zhu said that in order to further deepen and strengthen the China-Europe green partnership, as well as to make the exchanges and communication, mutual benefits, and win-win cooperation in the area of environment and climate more accessible, the IHEIA is eagerly looking forward to joining hands with the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government to strengthen the ties between China and Europe as it has to do with climate change. They plan to achieve this by creating a platform to explore a new green and sustainable development model that brings together funding, talent, technology, and industry for global multi-sector collaborations and transforms Qingdao into a model of cooperation and for the development of environmental and climate-related industries involving both China and Europe. 

The Qingdao West Coast New Area Government and the IHEIA plan to co-host the China-Europe Environment and Climate Qingdao Forum in 2023 as part of their vision of Green Cooperation for a Shared Future, based on the consensus of Chinese and European leaders to strengthen cooperation in the two areas of environment and climate, and in response to the high-level dialogue concerning the creation of a mechanism to make the cooperation effective. 

The planned forum is to serve as a collaborative green economy/green financial platform for the development and implementation of an environmentally-responsible economy supported by a likeminded approach to finance. Led by local governments and think tanks, the platform will explore the aforementioned green and sustainable development models, along with industrial restructuring in combination with high-quality and environmentally-responsible social and economic development in the West Coast New Area and the city of Qingdao. The effort promises to transform Qingdao into a model for cooperation and the development of environmental and climate-related industries involving both China and Europe. 

At the promotional event, Mr. Sun talked about the developments in the Qingdao West Coast New Area. Qingdao West Coast New Area, with a focus on marine economic development, ranks among the top three of 19 national new areas and the fourth of the top 100 areas in China in terms of comprehensive strength and accounts for one-third of Qingdao’s gross regional product, total output value of industries above the designated size, fixed asset investment, and foreign trade. 

In recent years, Qingdao West Coast New Area has been actively engaged in the nation’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality plans with the goal of realizing the ecological value of green environment in innovative ways; translating ecological resources into ecological assets, capital, and industries; improving the spatial framework and industrial structure at a faster pace for resource conservation and environmental protection; and fostering a green and low-carbon way of production and life. All these efforts have significantly enhanced the regional ecological and environmental governance capabilities and green competencies, making Qingdao West Coast New Area one of the first state-level new areas to pass the pilot evaluation of climate-related investment and financing in China. 

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