Angel Yeast Launches Premium Dry Yeast to Cater to Changing Global Baking Needs at Bakery China 2022

(Adnkronos) – SHANGHAI, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Angel Yeast, (SH600298), the world’s leading yeast manufacturer announces that it has developed the latest dry yeast product Premium Dry Yeast to address many of today’s baking challenges at Bakery China 2022 — a global largest event serving the entire value chain for the bakery and confectionery market. 

These innovative yeasts meet the latest requirements of the baking industry for stability, convenience and overall adaptability, and Angel Yeast remains committed to continually introducing higher-quality products to help the industry grow and thrive. 

With the widespread use of yeast in a variety of baking applications, yeast producers are faced with the objective challenge of creating formulations that meet the requirements of changing environments, the culinary customs of each region, as well as the expectations of different consumers. Premium Dry Yeast, the latest dry yeast developed by Angel, responds to the industry’s latest requirements for baked goods. 

The innovative advantages of Premium Dry Yeast include: 

The research and development (R&D) process of Angel Yeast’s premium varieties of dry yeast has been comprehensive and responsive. Experimental phases have been designed for each application scenario, including high and low-temperature environments and different formulations. The formulations are then adjusted to improve the performance of the yeast based on the test results. 

High-sugar yeast is designed for bakery products requiring recipes with 5%-30% sugar, while low-sugar yeast is suitable for baked goods made with recipes containing 0%-12% sugar. Angel Yeast’s new low-sugar variety is more tolerant to sugar, not only feasible for low-sugar bread recipes, but also for fermenting high-sugar formulations. 

Yeast producers select high-quality yeast strains from around the world and cultivate them in a variety of extreme environments through techniques such as adjusting the physiological parameters to produce yeasts that can tolerate different environments. One strain comes from the Himalayan region and is resistant to cold water, the second strain is resistant to heat and high temperatures, while a third strain, originating from a high-altitude, low-oxygen location, comes with a strong natural growth capacity and adaptability. 

In addition, both yeast varieties have a water content of not more than 5%, translating into a longer, 24-month shelf life in a cool, dry place under regular storage conditions. Quality, safety and customer value are at the heart of Angel Yeast’s culture and approach to yeast fermentation and development, and Angel Yeast’s new premium dry yeast provides a much needed solution to today’s global baking challenges and consumer expectations. 

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