PraSaga and Metahug Partner to Provide Web3 Education Via Roblox

(Adnkronos) – ZUG, Switzerland, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PraSaga, a Swiss foundation creating a new Layer One Blockchain, today announced its partnership with Metahug, a global philanthropic organization helping children with limited resources understand and utilize Web3. Metahug will teach children how to use and build Web3 tools via popular youth gaming platform — Roblox, with PraSaga providing free access to its SagaChain to support the initiative. 

The partnership will be marked with a Metahug Back-to-school Roblox Hackathon, which encourages young students globally to become creators and collaborators on the platform. This initiative will deliver education inside games: to teach various Web3 topics, including blockchain, DAO, and ownification. The hackathon will last 24 hours on the 10th of September 2022, and winners of the competition will be featured at the next event. 

Providing a native, cost-free learning experience for children around the world 

Metahug’s vision is to build a compassionate, mindful, and community-driven platform to help children worldwide reimagine their lives by providing free education on utilizing next-generation technology tools. In particular, Metahug is focused on helping children with limited resources, whether that means a lack of physical goods, utilities, or online classes; or limited EQ, defined as those with no emotional support. Through the use of Roblox, PraSaga and Metahug will gamify learning about blockchain and Web3 tools, with the potential to engage millions of children in an environment in which they feel comfortable and familiar. 

The importance of Web3  

Web3 is the latest iteration of the world wide web. It is set to revolutionize business and society across the globe, so it is critical that those with less access to support and resources are properly educated about its uses. Web3 will be an integral part of Gen Z and Gen Alpha’s lives, providing them with entertainment, educational resources, and employment – including through mechanisms such as NFTs and DAOs. Metahug’s program provides free courses on how to use Web3, which upskill children in preparation for adulthood, allowing them to direct their education while championing the power of play. 

Jay Moore, Chief Collaboration Officer at PraSaga, explains, “The rapid advancement of technology has made it difficult for many to come to grips with the revolutionary power of Web3 and blockchain. But it will change how business, education, and our economy operate. Philanthropy is one of PraSaga’s core tenets. A large part of that is finding ways to ensure future generations across the globe can understand how to use Web3 tools that older generations are still struggling to adopt. Our partnership with Metahug will be invaluable in helping us to achieve this.” 

Lian Pham, the co-founder of Metahug, says, “At Metahug, we believe that the future of philanthropy lies in decentralization through Web3 education and mentorship. But proper education on its use and benefits is difficult for many Gen Z and Gen Alphas – those who are set to be most affected by it – to achieve. By joining our DAO, not only do we provide children with hands-on experience with Web3 tools, but we are also providing them with everything necessary to educate, empower, and inspire themselves and others to be leaders of tomorrow and solve humanity’s grand challenges.” 

To participate or compete in the Back-to-school Roblox event as a student, speaker, or guest in the concert, join the Hackathon event here.  

Notes to editors 

About PraSagaPraSaga is a Swiss Foundation building the next generation of Layer One blockchain. PraSaga’s technology solution solves many of the limitations that plague first-generation Layer One blockchains. The SagaChain™ successfully addresses lowering transaction fees, extensibility for supply chains, and significantly lowers development costs. 

About MetahugMetahug provides a home to gamify education and coordinate learning, playing, and earning. We work with Play2Learn to develop and promote Metahug as a secure, transparent, and accountable solution for positive global change. Our community is created to help children with limited resources to reimagine their lives with new children-centric directions. We support their journey by introducing innovative technology such as Web3 education. 

About the MetaHug Back-to-school Roblox HackathonThe MetaHug Back-to-school Roblox Hackathon encourages young students globally to become passionate creators and collaborators on the platform. This initiative delivers education inside the games: to teach various Web 3 topics, including blockchain, DAO, and ownification. The hackathon will last 24 hours on the 10th of September 2022, and winners of the competition will be featured at the next event. 

The hackathon event features workshops, guest speakers, interviews, fashion shows, concerts, and more — both in the physical and non-physical world. The physical event will be at the Horseshoe Bay Resort, Texas Hill Country, while the non-physical will be on Metahug live stream, YouTube, and Roblox metaverse. 

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