Magroove app promises to reveal your new favorite artist

(Adnkronos) – New app uses machine learning technology and wants to change how music is discovered 

SÃO PAULO, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the rising of streaming culture, listening to music has never been easier. Everday, new tracks are released on the big sea of streaming services. The influx of new stuff seems to be never-ending — and hard to keep up. According to IFPI’s 2021 global report on the recording music industry, the growth for music streaming’s share on global revenue was 65%. There were more than 523 million new paid subscription accounts around the world, a raise of almost 22% since the year before. 

Through all that, we can barely manage to listen to all our favorite artists, let alone discover new music. This is a problem that the new Magroove app wants to solve. The music recommendation service has a few tricks that makes it worth checking out. 

Like a music Tinder, Magroove vows to help you find the perfect match to your music taste. You can start from a favorite track, and the AI will suggest other music similar to that one. After listening to a small snippet of each song, you can either swipe right or left, just like in a Tinder interface. All the songs you’ve approved are then automatically organized into a tailored playlist that can be synced with your favorite streaming service. 

The idea behind the app is to help connect music enthusiasts with really good artists from all over the world. “A lot of music recommendation services pick their suggestions from a small artist pool, since their algorithm is based on popularity. We wanted to go beyond the mainstream and show new and fresh stuff”, explains Vítor Cunha, Magroove’s co-founder and CEO. 

With how the algorithms work, people constantly find themselves liking a song but getting frustrated because that one track is unlike any other releases from the artist. And when they try to get recommendations from the platforms, they just end up with more random songs from the same or similar artists — no focus on the actual music. This is a problem the app wanted to tackle from the get-go. 

The focus on music is a concern for Magroove. After all, the service has coined itself as the home of independent artists. This is why their algorithm was designed to recommend music based solely on musical elements and not charts. That way, whether it’s an upcoming or established artist, the song can be recommended if it sounds like what the user is looking for. 

The whole interface is very fun and gamefied. Completely free, the app wants to help its users discover new talents. According to Cunha, a musician himself, it’s always harder for indie artists to reach new audiences. “We want to help connect those artists to the people who crave their music but can’t seem to find it on streaming services”, he adds. 

Magroove app is available on Google Play and the App Store. 



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