Future of Energy Efficient Pool: Aquagem Inverter Pool Pump Sounds A Clarion Call

(Adnkronos) – GUANGZHOU, China, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aquagem introduces how its newest original patented InverSilence® Tech improves pool energy efficiency. In the end, Aquagem takes a 50 m³ pool as an example to show the difference in energy consumption between its inverter pool pump and traditional pool pump. 

Inverter Tech Is the Core of Energy-Saving Home Appliances 

When thinking about the home improvement trends, smart home may spring into your mind immediately. Actually, building an energy-efficient home has taken off with the rise of the Net Zero Home concept. 

Under this trend, homeowners tend to make wiser choices regarding investing in home. Installing inverter air conditioners rather than normal ones, choosing inverter water heaters rather than the conventional heaters. 

“Inverter tech” plays a vital role in energy-efficient performance, as it can eliminate energy waste by efficiently controlling the product running speed. 

InverPro Improves the Pool Energy Efficiency SignificantlyEnergy-efficient is also a top priority in pool construction. As the heart of the swimming pool, the pool pump is normally the second-largest energy user in the home, after the air conditioner. 

Now, the energy efficient inverter pool pump changes the game. 

In the pool circulation journey, different flow rates are required in different scenarios. Single-speed pumps can only run at a fixed speed, consuming extra electricity and resulting in high energy consumption. Variable-speed pumps offer several speed options, yet, it’s still unable to achieve the highest level of energy savings by accurate speed regulation. 

With InverSilence® tech, Aquagem’s inverter pump is no longer limited by a fixed rate. Under different flow rate requirements, it will regulate the running speed steplessly from 30% to 100%, achieving up to 15 times more energy saving than a single-speed pool pump. 

Taking a 50 m³ pool as an example. Under the same flow rate of 25m³/h @ 8 m, a single-speed pump needs 1.5kw, InverPro only needs 1.1kw. At flow rate 10m³/h, the power consumption of InverPro is only 0.1kw. In this case, the InverPro performs 15 times more energy saving than single speed pool pump, which can save 8176 kWh of electricity and €1635.2 throughout the year. 

Besides, InverPro brings users quieter performance, easy operation, and a trendy appearance. Choosing an inverter pool pump is one of the smartest decisions a pool owner and environmental supporter can make. Discover the energy-saving magic of Aquagem InverPro. 

For media enquiries:  

Bin Chenmarketing@aquagem.com.cn

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1851880/Aquagem_Energy_Efficient_Pool_Pump_InverPro.jpg


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