Aquark Develops InverPad® Turbo Tech to Reduce Noise Emissions by Pool Heat Pumps

(Adnkronos) – FOSHAN, China, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aquark applies InverPad® Turbo tech on its latest inverter pool heat pump Mr. Perfect to reduce the noise pollution and create an ultimately quiet 4 seasons swimming experience. 

“Swimming” is not just a sport anymore. It is more like a place where people can focus, find inner peace and make themselves stronger. However, to enjoy a perfect pool water temperature, pool owners usually need to endure the noise from pool heat pumps, which sometimes even disturbs the neighbors as well. 

Neglected Noise Pollution Risks From Pool Equipment 

Noise Pollution is an invisible threat. According to the European Environment Agency, noise causes around 72,000 hospital admissions and 16,600 premature deaths in Europe alone every year. 

53 decibels is the maximum average noise level measured over a 24-hour period recommended by the WHO. In 2002, the Environmental Noise Directive was published, which aims to achieve the EU’s noise reduction targets and the standard set by WHO. 

However, noise pollution is still widespread across Europe. The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) recently published a study that shows about 60 million people in Europe are negatively affected by noise pollution. 

Among these noise sources, the noise caused by outdoor equipment should not be underestimated. Specifically, the noise from the traditional pool heat pump (55-65 decibels) is very likely harmful to health. 

Fighting Against Noise Pollution with InverPad® Turbo Tech 

Aquark, as the creator of Pad Inverter pool heat pump, has been pursuing the ultimate swimming pool heating technology and released patented InverPad® Turbo technology. 

With the InverPad® Turbo Tech, Aquark’s Mr. Perfect achieving 0 mechanical noise and reduces sound level to 38.4 dB(A), which performs 20 times silent than traditional on/off pool heat pumps. 

As a combination of modern design and breakthrough innovations, this unique tech utilizes the most advanced turbofan structure, optimized smart inverter system and the best soundproofing technology. 

About Aquark 

Aquark, a technology-driven global “Smart Garden” solution provider, creates the super silent and energy-efficient inverter pool heat pump Mr. Perfect. Contact us to explore more about Aquark. 

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