Taking Flight: Rio South Texas’ Air Logistics

(Adnkronos) – MISSION, Texas, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — COSTEP understands that moving products and people from Point A to Point B is essential for trade. Goods need to move from the production facilities to customers quickly, and out-of-area executives need to fly in and out with ease. Located at the heart of the North American supply chain, Rio South Texas offers manufacturing companies an air transportation infrastructure to quickly reach customers on the continent and beyond. 

When moving products and people quickly is vital, quick access to major international air transportation hubs is crucial. For this reason, Rio South Texas utilizes a robust and localized passenger and cargo air transportation infrastructure. 

There are 7 regional airports in Rio South Texas: 


These regional airports have regular and direct access to major international hubs, including: 

They also have regular and direct access to secondary hubs, including: 

The airports in Rio South Texas provide over 35 daily flights to major hubs and an additional 15 flights to secondary hubs. This is key for companies requiring regular travel to production facilities and last-minute flight options in case of emergencies. This also allows for convenient transcontinental travel for executives as these hubs provide direct flights to a multiplicity of countries the world over, meaning major global destinations like Frankfurt, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Seoul, and São Paulo are only one layover from Rio South Texas. 

Rio South Texas also has a strong presence of second and third-party logistic companies including: 

This provides an advantage to manufacturers critically dependent on their ability to deliver on time and/or on quick turnaround. 

If you or your products need to fly somewhere in the world quickly, you can have confidence that you’ll be able to do so from Rio South Texas with ease. With 7 regional airports providing regular flights to major hubs, the Rio South Texas region is equipped to support your manufacturing operation. 

If you are looking to manufacture in North America for North America, look at what Rio South Texas has to offer. Our team at COSTEP would be glad to assist you, so please visit us at www.costep.org or follow us at @COSTEP to learn more. 

Contact: Matt Ruszczak, +1.956.682.6371, info@costep.org


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