Teamwork Commerce Raises another $2,500 for Ukraine Crisis at London Sound of Fashion Event

(Adnkronos) – TAMPA, Fla., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Teamwork Commerce, a retail management software company, announced today that it has donated an additional $2,500 to Global Giving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund through its sponsorship of London’s recent “The Sound of Fashion” event. This adds to the more than $34,000 they have already. The three-hour event, which attracted over 400 attendees, was designed to celebrate London’s emerging musicians and fashion designers, while raising funds for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. 

Having recently opened an office in London, Teamwork – which provides point of sale and order management for some of the world’s largest fashion retailers – is keen to contribute back to the city by helping the local community. 

Founded by Michael Mauerer, the creator of Retail Pro and Quickbooks POS, the Teamwork Commerce team has a tremendous passion for all things retail. With offices in 9 countries, giving back to local communities is an important focus for the company. 

“The Sound of Fashion” event was opened by Danica Hunter, consisted of three designers (Christiana Hadjipapa, Thora Stefansdottir and Lynn La Yaung) and three musicians (Chinchilla, Quarry and Adora). Split into pairs, each musician was tasked with creating a 20-minute set to a runway of the designer’s most recent collection. 

The event, which also consisted of a separate designer showroom, DJ sets, and an afterparty, was hosted by Jonathan Mauerer, VP Operations at Teamwork Commerce. 

“The event was an amazing success,” explains Mauerer. “We completely sold out the venue donating 100% of ticket sales, but the most important aspect for us was that we were able to promote some of London’s best young creatives and give them a platform on which they could showcase their incredible talents.” 

“As an organization, we want to support the Ukraine relief effort in any way that we can”, continues Mauerer, “We are grateful to everyone who attended this event for enabling us to do that.” 

To donate to Global Giving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, visit:

About Teamwork CommerceTeamwork Commerce is a leading Omnichannel Solution, providing retailers with Point-of Sale, Order Management, Inventory Control, CRM, and Analytics. Top retailers in over 20 countries globally use Teamwork Commerce to take the friction out of retail, providing their customers with the best possible experience. To learn more, visit us at 



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