TAICCA is pleased to launch the Open call for immersive content creators.

(Adnkronos) – TAIPEI, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TAICCA is calling for projects that place creative content at their cores and deliver immersive content narratives with technology and with a co-funding or co-production between Taiwanese and international teams. Each selected project will receive up to USD120,000 (NTD 3.5 million). 

The Metaverse will radically change how we live,work, travel, and communicate. People will be living in a new era of digital experience. Creative content, undoubtedly, will also play a huge role in the Metaverse. To encourage the relevant stakeholders to discover the creativity and energy of technology innovation in Taiwan and explore new mediums and new forms of storytelling for immersive content, TAICCA  Immersive Content Grant is supporting the co-funding or co-production of future content projects-the immersive experiences. 

Taiwan takes pride in innovative professionals, nationwide broadband internet infrastructure, and prosperous industries in close contact with the globe. Creating the metaverse ecosystem will require synergy among several key industries, but the most important part is content. In the past few years, Taiwanese XR and immersive content have been delivering outstanding performances on the global stage, recognized by international juries and festivals. Many splendid Taiwanese XR works have been selected for the Tribeca Film Festival, New Images Festival, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Raindance Immersive Award, Cannes XR Award, SXSW and Ars Electronica. In 2021, seven works presented by Taiwan were nominated for the 78th Venice International Film Festival. Taiwan is the place in the world where you can find all the players needed to develop this ecosystem. 

TAICCA promotes the 2022 International Immersive Content Co-Funding and Co-Productions Program and welcomes creators to prompt the immersive content to constitute creative responses and explore innovative narratives. The proposed immersive content projects can be interactive, multiplayer, AR, VR, MR, haptic, sound, or location-based. Each selected project will receive up to USD120,000 (NTD 3.5 million) and the open call will close on 15th June 2022. 

Visit TAICCA official website for more information: https://en.taicca.tw/article/5f18b19f

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1821502/2022________bn_800_550.jpg


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