Next Generation of Energy-Saving Systems (ESS) Project is launching on Kickstarter!

(Adnkronos) – VALENCIA, Spain, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A group of enthusiasts, interested in energy-saving solutions, announced that the world’s first patented energy-saving device will be launched on Kickstarter on May 5th. 

The experimental sample demonstrated the possibility to reduce energy consumption by 20% and lower your electricity bills accordingly. The studies have also shown that due to the stabilizing function of the device, the service life of all your household appliances is extended. The expected service life of this innovative energy-saving device was determined to be 20 years. When mass-produced, the retail price of one device is estimated as euro 499, which is considered to be quite a low cost, taking into consideration such long durability of the gadget. 

ESS is installed in both residential and non-residential premises. 

This new device influences some factors of a low-quality electrical network thus reducing the amount of consumed electricity: 

One of the ESS’s principles of operation is to bring the supply voltage level to the optimal value. 

For the European market, the models will be presented for the mains voltage of 230V. 

There will be two models presented in the USA market. The first model is for the power supply voltage of 120 volts. The second model is available for the houses where the mains voltage of 120V and of 240V is used at the same time. 

Electricity consumption is increasing day by day and energy prices are rising all over the world. These are the main reasons that energy-saving issues are becoming more and more important now. Reducing energy consumption is now a big concern for the majority of the population of our planet. 

A survey that has been conducted recently, showed a high demand for new development. 

This might be due to the ESS low retail price (499 euros) and a short payback period. The payback period of the introduced device is only 9 months, which is significantly lower than the payback period of other modern energy-saving systems. 

Pre-orders will be live on the Kickstarter page.  

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