Mushiny launches its first global R&D center in Nanjing and unveils cutting-edge robot & robot management system

(Adnkronos) – NANJING, China, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mushiny, a world-leading provider of warehouse automation solutions and robot maker to this end, announced on Friday the establishment of its first global R&D center in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, Jiangsu province.  

The company’s global R&D center is flanked by its new factory in Nanjing, which owns a huge pool of talent specialized in software, logistics and robots. With an investment of 100 million yuan, the complex will witness more technological breakthroughs and progress in the future, as the key role that is supposed to be played by the complex is helping the company achieve better software-hardware integration and faster delivery of mass quality products. 

Based on unique understandings of modular design and ‘platform’ product strategy, two Mushiny’s latest products were also unveiled at the same time:  

The MUSHINY T6-1500, “smaller, but stronger”, is an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), and also the newest model of the T6 platform product series that is open to industry. With an open scheduling system and body scheduling protocol, the T6-1500 provides a broad space for secondary development, transformation, and optional accessories, and its volume-to-load ratio, load-to-weight ratio, and battery life are 10%, 30%, 100% higher, respectively, than that of similar products. 

MUSHINY Xihe RMS 3.0, which is available for both local and cloud deployment, matches to a variety of warehouse management systems (WMS) and ERP systems and is able to dispatch massive robots (1,000 odd) with visualized management tools. Supported by optimized comprehensive traffic control algorithm, the system offers 1:1 high-fidelity simulation of operating scenarios, real-time data reports and default alarms available in multiple channels, abundant customized functions and user-friendly interface. 

“With establishment of the R&D center and the two products, the company will further focus on platform and modularized production, and quality improvement,” Liu Ming, CEO of Mushiny said. “We will spare no efforts to continuously upgrade technologies and products, better meet customers’ needs, accelerate global market expansion while improving localization, and help customers break the bottleneck of logistics and warehousing to overcome uncertainties brought by the COVID-19, and thus make each investment count.” 

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