(Adnkronos) – WARSAW, Poland, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BGK, a Polish development bank, launched a Europe-wide information campaign to remind ordinary people and politicians that the war in Ukraine continues, and radical measures must be implemented to stop it. The crucial instrument is the website that allows sending emails to authorities and calls for an immediate embargo on Russian oil. 

The digital campaign #StopRussiaNOW has reached more than 95 million users in the first ten days. All materials are microtargeted and available in eight languages. A special mechanism on the website generated more than 1 250 000 emails to the EU politicians with the crucial question – why do we continue to pay billions of euros for Russian oil? 

Meanwhile, dozens of billboards with photos of destroyed Ukrainian cities and eloquent appeals move around Europe. They appear in the places where many locals and tourists like to spend time. For instance, near the Colosseum, in front of the Eiffel Tower, next to the Brandenburg Gate. These are the reminders of Russia’s war crimes and the ruined lives of the people of Ukraine. They appear as suddenly as the sound of an air-raid alarm for millions of Ukrainians. Since April 23rd, billboards have traveled thousands of kilometers and stopped in such cities as Berlin, Hamburg, The Hague, Brussels, Paris, Munich, Rome, Vienna, and Budapest. In the upcoming days, they will reach Athens and Sofia – May 5th and May 8th accordingly. 

The organizers also provide users with concrete advice on what steps to take to help end the war. Apart from sending emails to politicians, it is essential to boycott companies that still operate and pay taxes in Russia. Such a list is available on the website 

#StopRussiaNOW is the campaign initiated to mobilize Europeans to take real action and support the people of Ukraine in such a tragic time. There are four easy-to-implement steps each and everybody can complete them right away.  The recipe is simple: 

1.  Send emails to EU politicians2.  Avoid brands operating in Russia3.  Donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine4.  Share information about the campaign on social media

Do not stay aside! Act to #StopRussiaNOW! 

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