A true to life Chinese TV series – Ebola Fighters landed on Propeller TV

(Adnkronos) – LONDON, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On April 10, 2022, a TV drama called “Ebola Fighters” premiered on the UK’s biggest TV platform – Freeview through Propeller TV.  

The series is based on real stories of an elite unit of the People’s Liberation Army consisting of over 400 doctors and medical staff sent from China to Western Africa to combat Ebola in 2014. 

During “the largest, most severe and most complex Ebola epidemic” in history, the Chinese military medical team constructed a medical centre specialising in treating the infectious Ebola disease within the shortest time. During the Ebola epidemic, the Chinese military medical team faced harsh deadlines, and a hostile medical environment and had to fight against local corruption. There were zero infections among Chinese healthcare workers.  

Ebola Fighters was a hit with the local audience. The gripping tale, with its unique perspective and touching narrative, has caught the attention of viewers and highlighted the blessing of Chinese culture. This profound film may recall the darkest memories of COVID-19, but brings a strong message of great people pulling together, to achieve an amazing and positive outcome. 

Whilst the pandemic still rages around the world, “Ebola Fighters” focuses on the boundless love between people from two nations, coming together as an ardent and warmhearted team.  

In the post-epidemic era, “Ebola Fighters” brings a positive practical significance to call for global cooperation and establish a new type of international relations for win-win cooperation. 

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1808409/Propeller_TV_Ebola_Fighers.jpg


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