DESS Dental Launches its New Website, Unifying Languages and Countries

BARCELONA, Spain, Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The brand DESS Dental, from the Catalan company Terrats Medical, has unified all its online communication channels in a single website, The aim is to ensure that their professional users can find all the information about their products and dental solutions in a faster, more intuitive and accessible way. The website is multi-country and multi-language oriented. 


This new website is designed to meet the needs of customers in more than 40 countries in which the brand has presence. From now on, laboratories, milling centers, and dental clinics will be able to easily find all its products, CAD/CAM implant libraries, as well as the latest additions to the DESS Dental product catalogue.  

DESS Dental sells the same products in all countries worldwide, always complying with the legislation and certification of each territory. This worldwide-selling website orientation gives us one single domain website unification process to respond to the high demand for exported products – in 2018 these accounted for 80% of the company’s annual sales. 

By 2022, our forecast is to continue growing at a rate of approximately 25%, thus exceeding the fifteen million euros invoiced in 2021. 

DESS Dental is a brand with more than 70 years of experience in the manufacture of precision components, offering a wide range of prosthetic abutments that are 100% compatible with the most popular implant brands on the market. We are at the forefront of implantology products. 

This is all thanks to our advanced and innovative products such as the angled AURUMBase® solution that allows the insertion axis to be modified by up to 25˚, the new ELLIPTIBase® Ti-base created for limited interdental spaces, or the SELECTGrip® surface treatment that provides 5 times better adhesion than titanium interfaces in prosthetic restorations. 

“The 3D digital implantology part will have a great future ahead, transforming the prosthetic creation from analogue to digital, based on CAD software specialized in implantology. The 3D digital technology produces considerable savings in materials and time and is also much better for the patient, in terms of waiting time and precision in the final elaboration of the prosthetic part in dental implants.” Ruben Espuche, DESS Dental prosthetic specialist 

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CONTACT: Miriam Roselló,, Tel.: 900 101 972 


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