Leading Beer Brand, Corona, Announces Plans For A Natural Island Destination That Celebrates Its 100% Natural Ingredients

Opening in 2022, Corona Island Embodies the Brand’s 100% Natural World Promise, and Encourages People to Protect Paradise Through its Partnership with Oceanic Global 

LONDON, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Corona announced Corona Island, a unique destination for visitors to disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with the natural world. Slated to open in late Spring 2022 in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Corona Island will be a magical destination centered around sustainability and is striving to become “Blue Verified” by Oceanic Global as part of the international NGO’s rigorous Blue Standard program. The verification and assessment addresses measures including: single-use plastic elimination and implementation of responsible waste management infrastructure. The assessment is currently underway with Corona Island set to become the first fully Blue Verified Island by its launch in spring of next year.   

“Corona Island is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. As a brand that’s so deeply connected with nature, we wanted to pay respect to and celebrate the natural environment that supplies our 100% natural ingredients,” said Felipe Ambra, Global Vice President for Corona. “Now more than ever, people have a need to safely reconnect with the outdoors. We’re inviting people from around the world to come together and combine education with responsible tourism. Our hope is that when guests return home, they’ll have fallen in love with nature again, and will be re-energized to be better global citizens in their communities. When people are in love with someone or something, they always do their best to protect it – that’s our objective with Corona Island.” 

As a beer that was born at the beach, Corona is brewed with 100% natural ingredients: water, barley, maize or rice and hops. Corona Island’s natural environment and guest experience is a direct extension of the brand. A vast majority of people spend their time indoors and this experience takes visitors out of their daily monotony, helping them to coexist in natural beauty. Disconnecting to reconnect is the intention behind this holistic experience.   

Once on the island, guests will have the opportunity to disconnect from daily stressors and anchor their all-inclusive week-long stay with immersive educational touchpoints that focus on conscious consumption and sustainable living. Sample activities may include workshops on plastic-free living to guided meditations set to natural island sounds followed by a visit to an on-site farm that supplies the island’s locally-sourced ingredients. Guests will also be able to relax in harmony with nature through eco-conscious design and culinary programming inspired by the location’s organic surroundings. The island features relaxing beach fronts, lush botanical enclaves and crystalline blue waters for visitors to enjoy and fall in love with nature.  

The number of guests will be strictly limited as part of Corona’s efforts to ensure the island operates with a minimal environmental footprint. Access to Corona Island will be made available in the following ways:  

In addition to verifying Corona Island’s sustainability achievements, Oceanic Global will also provide valuable counsel in creating engaging educational activities that draw attention to plastic pollution, ecosystem protection, and overall ocean conservation. The island’s hospitality team and guests will also undergo Oceanic Global’s training on sustainability and operational best practices in accordance with the criteria outlined in the Blue Standard.   

“We’re proud to partner with Corona Global in furthering the brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainability through its efforts with Corona Island,” said Lea d’Auriol, Founder of Oceanic Global. “By implementing the Blue Standard, Corona Island demonstrates the potential for businesses to create tangible impact and operate in balance with the natural world. We’re excited to be both verifying and celebrating Corona’s sustainability achievements on Corona Island as well as training guests and staff about responsible practices and behaviors that they can carry with them beyond their stay.” 

Corona Island is a continuation of Corona’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and ocean conservation. Corona has a storied history of helping to protect paradise, having worked with over 68,000 volunteers to complete over 1,400 clean-ups, cleaning over 44 million square metres of beach in the process. They’ve exceeded their 2017 commitment to protect 100 islands by 2020 and have protected nearly 250 islands to date. Earlier this year, the brand marked a significant milestone by recovering more plastic than it releases: a net-zero plastic footprint worldwide. In 2021, Corona announced a pilot in Colombia of six-packs featuring surplus barley straw as an alternative to plastic packaging and continue to focus on product design to reduce plastic from their supply chain. 

*Eligible countries include: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and South Africa. 

About CoronaBorn in Mexico, Corona is the leading beer brand in the country, the most popular Mexican beer worldwide exported to more than 180 countries. Corona is a pioneer in the beer industry by being the first to use a transparent bottle showcasing its purity and high quality to the world. The artwork found on the bottle is painted, highlighting our commitment to quality in our packaging and our Mexican heritage. No Corona is complete without the lime. Naturally adding character, flavor and refreshment, the lime ritual is an integral part of delivering an experience that is truly unique to Corona. The brand is synonymous with the beach and celebrates time outdoors. It invites people to pause, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Corona has an ongoing commitment to reducing plastics. It has exceeded its mission to protect 100 islands before 2020, and continues to deploy consistent global clean-up efforts. 

About Oceanic GlobalFounded in 2016 by Lea d’Auriol, Oceanic Global (OG) inspires us to care deeply for the ocean and provides solutions to protect it. The international non-profit sheds light on humanity’s essential relationship to the ocean and empowers individuals, communities, and industries to create positive change. Oceanic Global creates educational experiences, consults on sustainable operations, and engages local communities to generate measurable impact for our collective wellbeing. In 2020, Oceanic Global launched the Blue Standard (Blue), a first-of-its-kind cross industry standard that establishes universal accountability for sustainable business leadership and empowers industries and businesses of all sizes to achieve measurable impact that protects our blue planet. Oceanic Global is based in Brooklyn, New York with international hubs and volunteer bases in New York, London, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tulum, and Hong Kong. Reflective of its global reach, the organization has additionally been the official non-profit and production partner to United Nations World Oceans Day since 2019. #CareDeeply | www.oceanic.global

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