Global COVID-19 Safety Innovator Expands Its Offerings

“Investing smartly in the safety of employees.” 

Including, now, a US OSHA COVID-Rules-Compliant SaaS Platform Enhancement 

BOSTON, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Safely2Prosperity LLC CEO John Norris, JD, MBA, announces S2P’s new COVID-19 Safety Platform and Employee Dashboard for quick demonstration and immediate deployment. Together with add-ons, they give employers the world’s first comprehensive COVID Safety Program. 

The further enhanced COVID Safety Program improves employee safety by providing:  

Together, they assess and report on the risks and responsive actions taken at (1) the county, facility, and floor levels, (2) the department, region, and facility-manager levels, and (3) the team, shift, date, time, and direct-manager levels—all intuitively and securely. 

To arrange a demonstration, contact S2P at 617-680-3127 or Or visit our website at 

Norris says: 

“S2P’s advanced, OSHA-compliant, SaaS platform and employee dashboard empower the whole organization – from CEO to CHRO to employees themselves – to more efficiently, safely, and effectively manage their COVID-19 responsibilities and responses.” 

The overarching goal: Getting employees back to work. Safely. 

S2P’s COVID Safety Programs comply with pending US OSHA COVID Rules and similar rules throughout the world. They resemble other OSHA and OSHA-like Worker-Protection and Fire Safety Programs that are now ubiquitous worldwide. 

With even one life saved or just one lawsuit prevented, S2P’s solution more than pays for itself.   

John Norris and S2P Have a Powerful Vision 

“The best buy-in occurs with bottom-up COVID-19 initiatives. So, we now need comprehensive, bottom-up initiatives and supporting tools for companies, schools, and government agencies to fight better against the current Pandemic and the next one and the next one.”  

Fred Hassan,Former Chairman of PhRMA and President of IFPMA, two of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry advocacy groups. 

About Safely2Prosperity  

S2P is a leading US (Boston-based) healthcare risk-management innovator and solutions provider. CEO Norris is known globally as a thought-leader in health and healthcare risk-management, a former US FDA leader and Harvard faculty member, and a successful entrepreneur.  

__________© 2021 Safely2Prosperity LLC and John Norris, JD, MBA. All Rights Reserved. 

Contact: info@safely2prosperity.com1-617-680-3127 

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