Davinci Motor attends Automotive Tech Week and announces for the first time its plan for the overseas market

BEIJING, Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Davinci Motor was invited to virtually attend the 2021 Automotive Tech Week in Novi, MI, USA: the world’s largest conference on automotive technology featuring in-depth tracks on ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities & Urban Mobility, Connected Services and more. 

As part of the ‘Electrification & Advanced Propulsion’ segment, the COO of Davinci Motor, Qi Wang, has held a 20-min presentation on ‘A Two-Wheeled Robot & A Brand-New Experience’, where the focus was the model DC100, a high-performance electric motorcycle launched just 4 months ago in Beijing, China and current flagship product of Davinci Motor. 

Qi Wang highlighted the state-of-the-art technology applied to the DC100 and the reasons why it’s considered a two-wheeled robot. 

The DC100 is not just an electric motorcycle, but it’s a two-wheel electric vehicle build by following the logic of robotics development, with more than 300 chips, over 200 sensors and an integrated vehicle control system which is able to perceive, calculate an execute. 

Featuring numerous intelligent capabilities, this motorcycle can provide accurate information on road conditions, environment temperature, vehicle and battery status, and many other data that will be combined to precisely control its power system and so ensure an optimal performance under all conditions. 

As result, your riding experience will be easier and safer, allowing you to fully enjoy the ride. 

Since the product launch on July 17 2021, Davinci Motor has gained widespread attention from the overseas market, especially Europe and the United States, where the development of electric motorcycles is faster. Therefore, Qi Wang took the opportunity of being on stage at Automotive Tech Week to mention what are the next steps for the overseas market. 

He announced the plan to build an assembly plant in the United States, with location yet to be determined but most likely to be on the West Coast, as well as a central hub in the Netherlands between the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, with the scope of handling overseas logistics and overall operations in a more efficient way for the company and the customers. 

Finally, he also mentioned the intention to open two showrooms, the Davinci Labs, in the United States to start, and then expand the offline presence in Europe too. 

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