Reaching new heights – IR launches new solution for High Value Payments

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SYDNEY, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IR, the leading global provider of performance management and analytics for critical payments, IT infrastructure, and communications ecosystems, has launched their High Value Payments product offering under the IR Transact solution suite, purpose built to provide complete visibility across high value and high priority transactions. 

Trillions of dollars move through high value clearing systems around the world every day1. These transactions play a critical role in the global economy, making the need for efficient, reliable processing paramount. 

IR Transact’s High Value Payments solution enables real-time insight into the health and status of in-flight and completed high value transactions to ensure any potentially disruptive anomalies get proactively identified and remedied before they have a negative impact. 

IR’s High Value Payments product offering enables organizations to: 

“High value payments have a big impact on the global financial landscape. When problems arise, it not only affects customer relationships, but can lead to significant financial and regulatory penalties,” said David Guiver, Head of IR Transact Products. “Our global customers are seeking new levels of insight and real-time analysis to help them ensure seamless payments experiences across all levels of the business, and we’re excited to expand our support to the high value payments space.”  

IR Transact draws on decades of domain expertise to provide dynamic analytics, self-service dashboard customization, and extensive data exploration. 

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