Momentum Dynamics becomes a Core Member of CharIN

Momentum will contribute standards insight and best practices from Light- and Heavy-Duty EV applications of inductive charging based on commercialized customer systems operating in Europe and North America 

MALVERN, Pa, Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CharIN announces that Momentum Dynamics is joining as a Core Member.  According to Andy Daga, CEO and Founder of Momentum, “We are delighted to become a Core Member of CharIN and to be able to contribute to a CCS-compliant fully automatic inductive charging technology that stands to accelerate the adoption of all types of electric vehicles across all power levels. There is rapidly growing demand for fully automated inductive charging for fleets, passenger vehicles, industrial vehicles, and autonomously driven vehicles. We want to make certain that the natural evolution of technical capability remains safe, effective, and consistent with the CCS standard that CharIN has so successfully promoted.” 

Momentum’s high power system is compliant with both CE and ICNIRP magnetic field emission limits, and the company has successfully commercialized mature inductive charging technology to customers that can operate across all vehicle types, all OEMS, and all power levels. This includes a modular system that can be scaled cost effectively to any EV application area. According to Daga, “this is not merely a solution for passenger cars, but also for every type of commercial and fleet vehicle, especially where there is a need for high utilization, reliability, and reduced cost of operations.” 

Modular inductive charging promises to accelerate a core mission objective of CharIN, which is the development of megawatt-class charging systems. When operated automatically, inductive charging relieves operators of many of the technical hurdles and user concerns of conductive chargers at these very high power levels. Additionally, modular inductive chargers allow seamless interoperability and sharing of chargers across all types of electric vehicles. 

Inductive charging has been an objective of CharIN since its inception. Momentum has been in discussions with CharIN for some time and this announcement represents an unprecedented opportunity to more rapidly advance CharIN’s mission. 

Wireless Charging Keeps Fleets MovingInductive charging for electric vehicles allows automatic charging during uninterrupted vehicle operations. If you’re driving a personal EV, you can charge without a thought; charging begins without a fob swipe or pressing a button and is initiated as soon as you park. If you’re a fleet operator, no matter how many vehicles are at work, their operation will remain unaffected by the charging operation. You can extend driving range by charging along a route – automatically in any weather. Alternatively, if you operate from a depot, port, or distribution center, reliability will improve because your operational routine will not be disrupted and the challenge of cable management is eliminated. 

About CharINCharIN is the leading global association with over 200 members dedicated to promoting global standards for charging vehicles of all kinds with a focus on interoperability.  The organization also serves as a forum for suppliers, OEMs, and fleets to collaborate on best practices of vehicle charging infrastructure. 

About Momentum DynamicsMomentum Dynamics is a market-leading original technology developer of efficient, automatic, wireless charging systems for the automotive, transportation, and logistics industries with real-world technology in operation that proves the capability and need for fast, automated opportunity charging of electric

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