Kriya Materials calls for new EU legislation to support technical innovation with the goal of reducing global CO2 emissions by 3%

GELEEN, The Netherlands, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kriya Materials, a leading developer and manufacturer of coating liquids and masterbatches, today called for EU legislation to support its new products within the building and automotive industries. 

These products will have a direct and positive impact, lowering the energy usage in buildings by up to 35%, and in cars by up to 10%. The potential reduction in overall global CO2  emissions is 0.5 Gigatons, or 3% of the world’s current annual CO2 emissions.  

Validated by independent research institutes, the coating products are applied to building glass resulting in a 35% reduction in energy usage depending on local climate conditions. This is significant, as buildings consume up to 40% of global energy.  

The same products applied to car glazing directly impact the CO2 emissions of combustion engines by reducing air conditioning usage and therefore fuel consumption.  In electric vehicles, this will significantly increase the potential range as cooling systems currently account for a large amount of a car’s power.  

Kriya Materials CEO, Roel Huis in ‘t Veld, says that support from EU legislators would make a big difference: “Currently, the EU’s WLTP test, which is obligatory to determine a new car model’s CO2 emissions, demands that the air-conditioning is switched off! So, the EU acts as if it is not there! This is strange as air-conditioning units are responsible for roughly 10% of an average vehicle’s CO2 emissions.  

“Changing legislation would provide an immediate incentive for the automotive industry to implement products such as ours so they are not penalised for their CO2 emissions.  

“It only costs a few Euros per car, and, alongside a significantly lower CO2 footprint, it greatly improves passenger comfort, so it’s a win-win!”  

The same applies to buildings. Changing legislation around national building codes would reduce the adoption and overuse of air-conditioning, which is currently growing at an unprecedented rate. As well as increased CO2 emissions, this has led to energy poverty for many households due to increased bills. 

Kriya Materials is a backward integrated nanotech coating company. Central in its strategy is to develop low cost, easy to implement products which when applied lower CO2 emissions. 

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