Press conference for the 2nd “Ouhai Embraces Diversity” Global Talent Recruitment Drive held in Wenzhou, China on September 6

WENZHOU, China, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – The press conference for the 2nd “Ouhai Embraces Diversity” Global Talent Recruitment Drive, hosted by the government of Ouhai District, Wenzhou, in partnership with Haijiao Technology, was held at Wenzhou Radio and Television Center on September 6. A presentation was given on the Ten Measures for the Construction of a Tropical Rainforest-inspired Talent Ecosystem in Ouhai, as well as on the specifics of the project’s roadmap, the contributing industries and the recruitment effort.  

The focus on the project’s roadmap, the industries that will contribute to the project’s success as well as the recruitment effort for urgently-needed skilled professionals, is in order to develop a high-quality talent pool while supporting innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the district. Specifically, 11 technical projects were included as part of the technology needs, calling for an investment of 59 million yuan, with one of the projects alone slotted for 12 million yuan. As for the recruitment drive for highly-talented individuals that will be undertaken, 104 senior positions need to be filled, each of which requiring a doctoral degree or above and 3-5 years of experience at middle or senior positions in related sectors. Once the program is implemented, successful applicants will be eligible to receive a reward of 5 million yuan alongside access to a series of favorable policies according to the job level. In the list of urgently-needed skilled professionals, 523 positions were posted, of which 136 pay an annual salary exceeding 100,000 yuan. In addition, positions for new businesses and for roles in new and emerging sectors, among them short-form video production, live-streaming sales and AI engineers, were also included.  

The Ouhai District Party Committee and the District Government have always placed a high value on attracting high-level talent. Ouhai District Party Committee secretary Wang Zhenyong said in the speech during the event, “The Ouhai science and technology innovation platforms have an urgent demand for talented individuals, while some of the local favorable policies are unprecedented in terms of what is being offered. In addition, services available in the district for anyone that chooses to settle here, are notable for the quality, for the level of efficiency and for being highly customer-oriented. I hope that the talented individuals can bring their teams and projects to Ouhai and make their dream a reality by working together to realize a great vision.” 

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