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Replica Analytics and Euris Launch Cloud-Based Data Synthesis Platform

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OTTAWA, ON, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Replica Analytics, a leading provider of health data synthesis technology, is partnering with Euris Health Cloud® bringing to market a unique and easy-to-use cloud-based data synthesis solution: Replica Synthesis. While Euris Health Cloud provides a secure hosting platform designed to meet strict regulations for the processing of personal health information in Europe, Replica Synthesis allows users to upload their data or access their existing data on the Euris platform. More details are available here. 

Replica Synthesis rapidly trains generative models and creates synthetic variants of data that retain the statistical properties and patterns in the original data. The synthetic data are non-identifiable information and can be used and disclosed with minimal constraints, and the generative models can be further used as simulators. 

Replica Synthesis is designed to meet the huge demand for high quality health data for AI modeling and classical epidemiological analysis. Comprehensive utility reports are produced comparing the real and synthetic data, allowing users to assess the quality of data synthesis immediately. More details will be available at our webinar on 17th June. 

“The Replica team brought to market a scalable platform for data synthesis – greatly simplifying the machinery of data synthesis. The Euris partnership means that data can remain in Europe and only the synthetic variants need to be transferred elsewhere – solving a dilemma with international data transfers.”Dr. Khaled El Emam, CEO of Replica Analytics 

“Synthetic data is a strategic topic of tomorrow’s health data management. Bringing together the international health data hosting expertise of Euris Health Cloud and the state-of-the-art technologies in synthetic data generation from Replica Analytics allows healthcare players to harness to potential of health data, without compromising on privacy and security.”Pedro Lucas, CEO of Euris Health Cloud 

About Replica AnalyticsReplica Analytics develops unique technologies for generating privacy protective synthetic data that maintains the statistical properties of real data. Its software enables fast and effective access to high utility health data while meeting regulatory obligations.  

About Euris Health Cloud® Euris Health Cloud® is a connected healthcare operator specialising in the hosting of personal healthcare data. Thanks to a unique marketplace model, Euris Health Cloud ® also provides a complete range of interoperable services and solutions, facilitating the deployment of e-health projects. 

For Media Inquiries:   Lisa Brazeau +1-613-807-0663, (Europe: +011-613-807-0663), media@replica-analytics.com




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