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CHiQ’s Portable Air Conditioner has officially Launched

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CHiQ has produced an air conditioner that can deliver quick-cooling comfort over long distances while keeping convenience at the forefront of product design. 

BERLIN, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The CHiQ portable air conditioner officially launched in Europe in May and will be available worldwide soon, ushering in the newest wave of CHiQ’s technical approach to comfort in the home. 

Bringing its decades of industrial design and manufacturing experience to bear, CHiQ has launched its first portable air conditioner, which helps further round out CHiQ’s already robust product profile. The labour cost of installing wall-mounted or vertical air conditioners can be prohibitively expensive and complicated. The CHiQ portable air conditioner fills this market niche by providing a cooling solution that requires mere minutes to set up and use. 

The CHiQ portable air conditioner boasts an ultra-long 5m air delivery distance, far greater than the average delivery distance of other portable air conditioners on the market. This allows it to quickly cool and maintain the temperature in any room in the home. The unit’s double swinging leaf front air outlet is the key to its ultra-long air delivery, eschewing traditional air conditioner designs that use a top air outlet. Coupled with this design is a large diameter (φ121) cross-flow fan that enables the unit to concentrate its airflow and achieve a 5m delivery distance, addressing the major pain point of portable air conditioners only cooling a part of the room. In addition, CHiQ portable air conditioner uses CHiQ’s high-efficiency compressor, allowing it to achieve air volumes of 380m³/h. 

The CHiQ portable air conditioner’s dehumidifying mode engages a turbine that atomizes the water condensate then passes it over a heat exchanger before it is discharged outdoors via the included exhaust pipe. This design saves the user the trouble of continuously emptying a water reservoir.  

Housing this advanced air conditioning unit is an impact-resistant, anti-tarnishing plastic shell manufactured using injection moulding technology. It boasts an understated monochrome colour scheme that allows the CHiQ portable air conditioner to blend tastefully into any room. The remote control can be stored in the housing so it won’t be misplaced when not being used. 

CHiQ TVs, refrigerators, portable ACs, displays, and batteries are already available in Europe. In the future, CHiQ will bring in other products, including other air conditioner designs as well as robot vacuum cleaners, to further enrich its product line. CHiQ also plans to continue its expansion into other European regional markets while continuously improving business operations on e-commerce platforms. CHiQ strives to set the standard for home appliances in the European market, providing European consumers with better products and service.  

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1524996/image.jpg



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