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Upcoming Aquark InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump

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FOSHAN, China, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aquark, Pad inverter creator, is announcing its upcoming InverPad® Turbo Technology to unleash the full potential of its Pad inverter. This is expected to be the industry’s first use of Turbofan on inverter pool heat pumps. 

Upholding the spirit of innovation, Aquark has been committed to satisfying customer needs down to the nuts and bolts. InverPad® Tech is the fruit of Aquark’s 2 years of R&D on inverter pool heat pump. Back in 2017, the launch of InverPad® pool heat pump was embraced by users from all around the globe with its dream-like silence and chic pad design. With an ever-increasing demand for better year-round swimming experiences, the new-gen InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump is expected to optimize both energy conservation and noise elimination.  

“As a top inverter pool heat pump manufacturer in China, Aquark’s dedicated team aims to upgrade four-season swimming experiences with innovative technologies for global users,” said Angella Lee, sales director of Aquark. 

What will be unveiled about InverPad® Turbo technology?  

Both hardware and software will be shored up on InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump. Its Turbofan comes equipped with an aerodynamic design. The latest airflow system expands heat exchange and boosts heat output to ensure the pool heat pump is running efficiently even during a harsh winter season.  

With a promising future of R&D, Aquark’s commercial pool heat pump can also achieve high efficiency and stable performance at -25℃ by adopting EVI technology. This will enable Aquark to better serve both the residential & commercial pool market for four-season swimming. 

InverPad® Turbo Is Coming Soon. Subscribe to Aquark Now. 

About AquarkAquark, the Pad Inverter creator, is a professional inverter pool heat pump manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. Founded around the innovative spirit, Aquark creates super silent and energy-efficient inverter pool heating solutions for global users.    

For more information, please visit https://www.aquark.com.cn/



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