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Priio Launches World’s First App Designed to Help Companies Beat Failure™

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Ambitious New Platform Unlocks Clarity as Most Effective Success Tool for Startups, Businesses and Brands  

SAN FRANCISCO, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Priio®, the Beat Failure platform, is the world’s first app designed specifically for startups, businesses, and brands to create instant strategy, beat failure and optimize teams to tackle the hardest challenges first. Built and productized by global experience agency Butchershop® as an ImaginedBy™ venture, Priio asks users “What Would Make Your Business, Brand or Project Fail?” as a prompt and turns collaborator inputs into data and real time prioritizations to help teams better prepare for the future.  

Based on the insight that a company’s problems stem from a lack of clarity among stakeholders, Priio bridges the gap between remote teams working through challenges across time zones. Pioneered as a part of Butchershop’s workshop practice with international companies like Haufe, Nike, Databricks and Real Chemistry, Priio is a self-serving application inspired by the pre-mortem process that puts the methodology and mindset directly in the hands of those that need it most, whenever and wherever they might be.   

“Clarity and creativity come from identifying potential failure, not success. The list of what success looks like is fairly simple. Challenging one another to identify what can cause a plan or initiative to derail offers leaders an effective roadmap for where to target resources,” said Priio founder and Global CEO of Butchershop Trevor Hubbard. “We all want to be more solution-oriented, but what we don’t realize is that we’re pushing off creative solutions to our toughest problems by only focusing on success. When we think about failure, we’re prompted to expand our field of vision and prioritize differently and effectively.”  

How Priio Works:  

Launched for beta testing in Fall 2020 as a “Pre-Mortem” app, Priio has established a growing user base in the USA and in Europe’s DACH market, spurring a productization and brand overhaul driven by co-founder Kelly Max and a scalable business model and operations setup, led by co-founder Nina Müller. In use cases, tackling a project, creating a strategy, starting a new initiative, assessing risk, or building client trust have all been primary moments for unlocking the power of Priio. Fast results ranked in order of what teams need to prioritize offer users maximum clarity with assigned individual accountability to move forward with confidence. 

“Priio is about recognizing that in order for a team to be successful, there must be candid conversations about what lies ahead ᠆ the good, the bad and the under-resourced,” said Nina Müller, Global Program Director of Butchershop Europe. “The need for clarity in our work and personal lives is irrefutable. Our aim is to make the process of finding that clarity and aligning on what needs to happen as effective as possible.”  

Try Priio for free now on your own or with your team starting at $15/month. Visit www.priio.com to learn more.  

About Priio Priio® is the world’s first app designed to help teams Beat Failure™. Priio is inspired by the Pre-Mortem Methodology, a method commonly used by the greatest companies to gain clarity. Distilled into an impact-driven experience to help teams, organizations, companies, and brands, Priio creates instant, defensible strategies and next steps, builds individual accountability around priorities, and underscores what to prevent from happening in order to succeed. 

About ImaginedBy™ImaginedBy is a smart incubator focused on creating and launching digital SaaS products and platforms. Leveraging the combined brand, business product and technology acumen of global experience agency Butchershop, ImaginedBy projects spring from the agency’s braintrust as well as collaborations with outside venture-backed founders. In addition to Priio, several ImaginedBy™ funded projects are currently underway.  

CONTACT:Dania JimenezCommunications DirectorButchershopdania@butchershop.co

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