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FJDynamics Releases the Next-Generation Smart Lawnmower

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SHENZHEN, China, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FJDynamics, the global robotics company, released its first fully autonomous, electric lawn mower today, delivering brand-new mowing efficiency for users with accurate GNSS positioning and robotics technology. This marks FJDynamics officially entering the field of smart gardening. 


Perfect Cut on Even Complicated Lawns 

Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape has always been seen as a royal pain while FJD lawnmower can do it by only fingertip control. The smart lawnmower accurately schedules and memorizes working routes based on high-precision satellite positioning. Three working modes can be switched freely as required. The user-friendly HMI system enables operators to operate and monitor mowing from a distance.     

How FJDynamics makes a perfect cut? 41″ lifting cutter deck, high-strength blades with adjustable speed, 20°gradeability and 16.7°parking angle set a new standard for mowing. Zero-degree turning radius means no uncut areas even on ramps and riverside.  

Over 60% Cost Reduced 

High performance doesn’t mean high-priced. With regards to yearly mowing cost for a golf course in Japan, FJDynamics lawnmower spends much less than traditional mowing devices ($14200 versus $34000), as shown below.  

FJD lawnmower is also an eco-smart choice as it runs on lithium batteries instead of diesel, keeping operators thoroughly away from noise and exhaust gas. Modularized high-capacity battery can be used as a power source in emergency.    

Built for Safety 

Approximately 6,394 people are injured by lawnmowers each year across the United States, according to the journal Public Health Reports. FJD Lawnmower, by comparison, ensures safety in several key ways.  

Always-on obstacle detection decelerates and stops the mower when there are obstacles in the cutting path. The built-in safety features powers off the vehicle within 2s as the operator leaves seat. Dual-emergency stop button and roll bar bring safety to the next level.  

To know more about FJDynamics lawnmower please visit product Detail Page. 

About FJDynamics 

FJDynamics is a global robotics company focusing on AI, advanced manufacturing and big data. We aim at providing a full range of autonomous and digital solutions for the industrial automation and the intelligence of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and construction.  

Know more about FJDynamics.  

Cite: The Big Number: 6,394 lawn mower injuries – The Washington Post  

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1516815/FJD_Lawnmower.jpg   



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