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Big Data Benefits the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry in Guiyang

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GUIYANG, China, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A group of robots was moving mechanical arms in the manufacturing workshop. Picking, loading and unloading, they always work in an orderly manner. 

In AVIC Guiyang Wanjiang Aviation Electromechanical Co., Ltd., the journalist witnessed the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. 

Guiyang, a previously less developed city in Southwest China, has been known for the assimilation of big data. As China’s “Big Data Valley”, how Guiyang utilizes data-driven solutions in the manufacturing industry? The journalist at Huanqiu.com interviewed several stakeholders. 

“Thanks to the digital adoption, our production efficiency has increased by over 10%,” Jin Zhiqiang, a deputy director of Wanjiang Aviation Electromechanical said. 

Based on IoT and big data, Wanjiang Aviation Electromechanical has built an intelligent production logistics management and control system. 

According to Jin, the intelligent system helps ensure the automatic transmission of components, thereby saving manual labor costs. More importantly, the data-driven solution enables the staff to track and manage information through each stage of the manufacturing cycle in real time. 

Jin added, “Our workers have gained unprecedented visibility into the shop floor. Hence, we can improve quality, productivity and accelerate time to market.” 

Similar to Wanjiang Aviation Electromechanical, Guizhou Touchworks Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has also benefited from big data analytics. 

In order to ensure better quality assurance, this company has taken advantage of big data to establish a traceability system.  

Chen Kabin is the director of Touchworks. He told Huanqiu.com, “After gathering product-related information, the manufacturers will embed relevant data sets into the code and paste these unique codes on the items.” 

In this way, product quality can be enhanced with big data to a significant extent. Instead of performing all tests on every item, the data-driven solution can detect and resolve discrepancies early, and trace backward every stage if necessary. 

Chen said, “Thanks to big data analytics, a newly constructed plant of Touchworks achieved an output value of 540 million yuan(83 million US dollars) in 2020, with an annual increase of 20.63%.” 

In addition to Touchworks, a multitude of industry players in Guiyang have also embraced digital adoption. 

In Guizhou Yaguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the number of personnel in the smart workshop has reduced from 38 to 12, but the quality product rate has increased from 62% to 95%. 

In AVIC Guihang Yonghong Radiator Co., Ltd., the digital workshop has witnessed a reduction in equipment failure response time by over 90%. And the inventory accuracy rate has achieved 100%. 

It notes that the current data-driven solution has replaced the previous manual method in the  manufacturing industry, therefore significantly improving the production efficiency and product quality. 

As a matter of fact, the flourishing sector in Guiyang is inseparable from government support. As China’s Big Data Valley, Guiyang has actively promoted digital economy development and advocated the integration of local industries and big data. 

The local government has implemented the 10,000-Enterprise Integration Initiative, which means mobilizing more than 10,000 real sector enterprises to embrace big data. Until now, 305 bench-marking projects and 3,262 demonstration projects have been completed in the whole province. 

In Guiyang, over 85% of local industrial enterprises above designated size have captured the business value of the cloud, and the integration index of big data and the real economy reached 51.1 in 2020. 

Additionally, the added value of the digital economy reached 164.9 billion(25.4 billion US dollars), accounting for 38.2% of the regional GDP. 

According to the municipal government, Guiyang will accelerate the in-depth integration of big data with local industries in the future. 

Wu Hongchun, director of the Guiyang Big Data Development Administration Bureau, said: “The 10,000-Enterprise Integration Initiative could be the main starting point. Guiyang will continue to unswervingly promote the deep intersection of big data and the real economy, and implement more industrial digital transformation and upgrading projects.” 

In 2021, Guiyang strives to cultivate 50 big data demonstration companies, build more than 5 one-billion-level big data industry cluster demonstration bases and implement more than 300 big data integration application projects. 



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