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ALE SIP Devices and Vodia Networks announce May 20th Webinar

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Presenting plug & play provisioning and Microsoft Teams integration 

SHANGHAI, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ALE SIP Devices, an audio technology expert in the global deskphone market, and Vodia Networks (“Vodia”), maker of cutting-edge software-based telephone systems, today announced a joint webinar on May 20, 2021 to share products’ plug & play provisioning and Microsoft Teams integration. 

Vodia’s best-in-class cloud PBX is now interoperable with ALE SIP Devices’ open SIP-based desk phones. The webinar will cover the recently announced Vodia-ALE partnership, plug & play provisioning of ALE IP phones and Microsoft Teams integration. Channel MSPs/ITSPs and end-users are invited to attend. Engineers from Vodia and ALE SIP Devices will be presenting during the webinar.  

“We’re thrilled about our partnership with ALE SIP Devices who is operating under one of the most respected brands in the telecoms industry,” said Kyle Asbury, Director of Sales & Marketing, Vodia, “and this joint webinar will be a great way to explore how much value this partnership brings to MSPs, ITSPs and end users, especially with plug and play provisioning of our PBX and ALE SIP Devices phones. We look forward to spreading the word on May 20th.” 

“We are committed to providing robust deskphones and headsets in a cost-effective, secure and flexible manner,” said Zhengang LI, General Manager of ALE SIP Devices, “By collaborating with Vodia, through our interoperable products, experience and commitment to innovation, we can bring a supreme end-user experience to the market. We look forward to this webinar, which we see as a wonderful opportunity for both to share visions to true value-added SIP communications.” 

About ALE SIP Devices 

ALE SIP Devices, an audio technology expert in the global deskphone market, operates under Alcatel-Lucent brand. It focuses on innovative technologies to develop a wide-range of SIP-based products that can be integrated into a variety of solutions with easy provisioning tools, in a cost effective, secure and flexible manner.  

ALE SIP Devices provides global business partners with end-user products to simplify business connections anywhere with high-quality audio, and reliable hardware and software, that has undergone rigorous testing prior to market launch.   

From innovative development, to green manufacturing, ALE SIP Devices strictly manage every component and each production procedure, to ensure products meet worldwide standards.  

For more information, visit our website at: www.aledevice.com  

Press Contact 

Priscilla Teng+86-021-20599576priscilla.teng@al-enterprise.com

About Vodia Networks 

Since 2006, Vodia has led the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) world in innovation and forward-thinking development, particularly with its early adoption of a multi-tenancy platform for its customers. Vodia was the first company to offer an integrated cloud PBX platform, and it remains one of the very few companies that can deliver it. Vodia’s multi-tenancy platforms are compatible with an unprecedented number of technologies, including desk phones, softphones and APIs for numerous third-party SW and CRM systems. 

For additional information please visit vodia.com. 

ContactKyle Asbury, Director of Sales and Marketingka@vodia.com  

David Porter, VP of Communications (Media Enquiries)dp@vodia.com  



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