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Why citizens, policy-makers, and business leaders need to learn more about the circular economy: Press Conference by REVOLVE Circular

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VIENNA, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In an English/French Online Press Conference on 14 April 2021, 3:00 PM CET, journalists will hear about why more education about the circular economy is necessary for business leaders, policymakers, and citizens. Experts from Cameroon, the Netherlands, USA and Germany will brief journalists on the emerging paradigm that provides many various opportunities while also requiring different priorities in different parts of the world. 

The predominant linear take-make-waste economy results in enormous damage to societies, economies and the environment. According to the Circularity Gap Report 2021, humanity has breached two severe milestones: the world is consuming 100 billion tons (Gt) of materials a year, and it is 1-degree warmer. A circular economy can help address these challenges while there is an urgent need to educate citizens, policy-makers, corporate decision-makers and others about the basics of circularity, and the role of consumption patterns, businesses models, and regulatory frameworks.   

REVOLVE Circular, a non-profit organization based in Austria, will convene the 14 April online press conference highlighting the opportunities and challenges of a circular economy. The event is an official side event to the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) and will serve as a soft launch of Imagine Circularity, the first-ever survey initiative to create a representative sample of how one million people around the world view, perceive and understand a more circular economy. A co-author of the forthcoming “Circular Economy for Dummies” will also brief the journalists.  

Four short expert presentations will be followed by a 40 minutes moderated Q&A session; journalists are welcome to send questions by 12th April CoB. 


Media section of Home – Imagine Circularity (imagine-circularity.world)  

Media contact 

Sören Bauer +43/664/5307334 tracy.walakira@apo-opa.com yasmina.bileoma@apo-opa.com




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