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IDEA Pharma’s 10th annual Pharmaceutical Innovation Index: Eli Lilly is the most innovative company for the first time

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– Celebrating the most innovative pharma, at a time of great change 

LONDON, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The tenth annual Pharmaceutical Innovation Index, released today, sees Eli Lilly top the industry for the first time. The Pharmaceutical Invention Index, a ranking of the industry’s best pipelines, sees Bristol-Myers Squibb at No 1. 

With a focus on value creation, the Index defines innovation as ‘return on invention’, and measures, scores and celebrates a company’s ability to deliver innovation to patients, by objectively evaluating performance based on a rolling five year period (2015-2020), and operates on the simple premise: if you gave the same molecule to two different companies in early phase, which would make the best of it?  

The Pharmaceutical Invention Index introduces a ranking of the industry’s best pipelines, evaluating novelty and meaningful development, across first in class development, breakthrough medicines and more.  

Lilly’s steady and significant rise to No 1 on the Innovation Index can be attributed to multiple clinical data wins, and notable novel FDA approvals, as well as strong performance of recently-launched drugs. The Innovation Index top 10 includes new players – Seagen and Incyte – as well as a significant rise for Regeneron, suggesting that smaller companies are, more than ever, able to bring their products to patients without a traditional large pharma partner. BMS’ 1st place in the Invention ranking shows the value of the Celgene acquisition for their pipeline. 

Pharmaceutical Innovation Index 2021 


 Pharmaceutical Invention Index 2021 


Commenting on the index, IDEA Pharma’s CEO, Mike Rea said: “There is no gaming the Pharmaceutical Innovation Index –success is achieved by discovering and developing meaningfully great medicines and getting those medicines to market, and to patients. More than ever, we see that excellence is unevenly distributed across the industry – not every company is equally able to realise the value in their pipeline.” 

For a more in-depth look at this year’s Pharmaceutical Innovation Index, details of the methodology and the top 30 companies, visit www.ideapharma.com/pii  

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1489083/Celebrating_Innovation_2021_Pharmaceutical_Innovation_Index.jpg

For more information, please contact: 

Charlie MasonCommunications Director IDEA PharmaTel: +44 1234 756 340Email: pii@ideapharma.com




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